Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI) is announcing that it is now manufacturing and distributing the HyperTEK
Hybrid Propulsion System under license from Spacetek, Inc. HyperTEK is a modular, hybrid propellant rocket motor system that uses readily available nitrous oxide (N2O) and thermoplastic fuel grains. Designed primarily for use in launching small experimental payloads by universities, colleges, research institutes and sport rocketry enthusiasts, the system is also intended to be a technology demonstrator for CTI's and eAc's hybrid propulsion technology.

Extensive research and development by CTI and eAc has yielded a high tech, low cost rocket motor alternative to the current solid propellant rocket motor. Hybrid motors have several safety advantages over solids. The fuel and oxidizer are isolated from each other until just before ignition, thus eliminating the requirement for a low explosive permit during transportation and storage of rocket motors. HyperTEK hybrid propulsion system uses a remote fill/fire launch system as well as 100% pyrotechnic free ignition system.

HyperTEK flight motors consist of three major parts: the oxidizer tank, the injector bell and the fuel grain. The fuel grain is molded from thermoplastic and has an insert-molded silica/phenolic nozzle. This monolithic grain functions as both the fuel and the combustion chamber. Complicated assembly of a reloadable system has been eliminated by incorporating the fuel, nozzle and motor case into one injection molded component. The fuel grain simply screws onto the injector bell prior to flight and the spent fuel grain is unscrewed and disposed of after each flight. J and Original L motors include an injector bell with field interchangeable injector orifices for tailoring the time/thrust profile to the needs of the rocket. Potential applications include small sounding rockets, RATO boosters and more.

16/02/04 - HyperTEK in Argentina
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HyperTEK at NSL 2002
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5000' LDRS 21 Challenge
HyperTEK at LDRS 21
05/02/02 - Updated product lists with revised specification charts
- New motor system dimension sheet and certification specifications
- J Motor Service Bulletin Revision 2
- J Motor Service Bulletin
- New Products Ready for LDRS XX
Recovery System Service Bulletin Issued
05/06/01 - New HyperTEK Motors Certified by Tripoli Motor Testing
- Free
HyperTEK L Motor System for the Most Flights at LDRS XX
03/04/01 - CTI and Now Hybrids Supporting NAR and Tripoli Rocketry Association Level II and Level III Certification Attempts at LDRS XX
14/12/00 - Cesaroni Technology Incorporated Acquires
HyperTEK Product Line


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