The HyperTEK is a modular, hybrid propellant rocket motor system that uses readily available nitrous oxide (N2O) and thermoplastic fuel grains. Designed primarily for use in launching small experimental payloads by universities, colleges, research institutes and sport rocketry enthusiasts, the system is also intended to be a technology demonstrator for CTI's and eAc's hybrid propulsion technology.

The HyperTEK line of products has been sub-divided into the following sections:

~ I Series (Standard & HyEFX)

~ J Series (Standard & HyEFX)

~ L Series (Standard & HyEFX)

~ M Series

~ Ground Support Equipment and Accessories

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For a downloadable copy in PDF format of the complete HyperTEK User's Manual, click here.

For a downloadable copy in PDF format of all HyperTEK system drawings including dimensions, click here.

New Product Specifications have been added to the J, L and M Series product sections. Below are the Thrust Curves for the three different grain sizes.  Click on the graph to enlarge. Data files will be available here very soon!

J Motors

L Motors

M Motors

You can see the official Tripoli certification data by clicking here.

Tripoli Motor Testing Data

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