Cesaroni Technology Incorporated (CTI) is committed to developing and offering a diverse range of high-quality, professionally engineered propulsion systems for the discriminating high-power rocket enthusiast.  As such, CTI will replace or repair any of its products which are proven to have failed to perform properly as a direct result of a manufacturing defect.

Warranty Claim Process

First, please contact the dealer from whom you originally purchased your HyperTEK products.  Your dealer will then contact us for further instructions.  If you cannot reach your dealer, please contact our technical support department by email (techsupport@hypertekhybrids.com) or by calling us at (905) 887-2370.  After talking with a technical support representative, you will be given a Returned Material Authorization (RMA) number if a return is deemed necessary.  Ship the items FREIGHT PREPAID to:

Cesaroni Technology Incorporated
P.O. Box 246
2561 Stouffville Road
Gormley, Ontario

FREIGHT COD SHIPMENTS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Please include proof of purchase with your package.  Also include your name, address, phone number and a brief description of the problem.  Include any photos where applicable.

Please note that experimental and beta tester motor systems, beta tester fuel grains, beta tester GSE and beta tester components are not covered by this warranty.

HyperTEK Product Warranty Policies

After opening the package, reading this warranty and using this HyperTEK product, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions contained herein. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of this warranty, please return the unused product in the original packaging to your dealer for an exchange or credit. 

No warranty, either expressed or implied is made regarding HyperTEK products, except for replacement or repair, at CTI's option. Only those products which are proven to be defective in manufacture within ninety (90) days or one year, (applicable as described below), from the date of original purchase qualify. If your inquiry is regarding missing parts, please contact your dealer. Note: Your state/province may provide additional rights not covered by this warranty.

HyperTEK Motor Hardware (54mm J to 98mm M systems) 

Covered one (1) year from date of purchase; Rupture or leakage of oxidizer tank (oxidizer tank must bear HyperTEK logo); Not covered: Injector bell leakage (o-ring leakage) and resulting damage/degradation of fuel grain, degradation of injector bell anodizing, injector bell thread wear as a result of normal use or misuse, hardware used with non-recommended reload kit or non-recommended injector orifice size, motor systems not used in accordance with instructions and hardware otherwise modified in any way.

HyperTEK Reload Kits (54mm J to 98mm M systems)

Covered one (1) year from date of purchase - Fracture of fuel grain under normal operating conditions (fuel grain must bear original HyperTEK label with CTI logo). Not covered: Failure of fuel grain to ignite, reload kits not used in accordance with instructions or modified in any way, any reload kit or o-rings used more than once, fractured fuel grains as a result of a leaking Kline Valve o-ring (thermal shock).  The use of any lubricant other than HyperTEK brand silicone based o-ring lube voids this warranty.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

Covered ninety (90) days from date of purchase - All materials and workmanship for all launch control systems and components. Not covered: Damage to fill stems for any reason, damage to any electronics as a result of using non-recommended power supplies exceeding 12 VDC, damage to GSE caused by user not taking appropriate measures to shield systems from exhaust blast, GSE not used in accordance with instructions and GSE otherwise modified in any way.

Limitation of Liability

CTI certifies that it has exercised reasonable care in the design and manufacture of its products. Once sold, we cannot assume any liability for product storage, transportation or use. CTI shall not be held responsible for any property damage (including loss or damage to rocket vehicles, payloads or equipment) or personal injury whatsoever arising from the handling, storage, use or misuse of our product. The buyer assumes all risks and liabilities and accepts and uses HyperTEK products on these conditions.

For further information please feel free to contact us.
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