HyperTEK flight motors consist of three major parts: the oxidizer tank, the injector bell, and the fuel grain. The fuel grain is molded from thermoplastic compounds and has an insert-molded phenolic/graphite nozzle. This monolithic grain functions as both the fuel and the combustion chamber. We’ve eliminated the complicated assembly of a reloadable system by incorporating the fuel, nozzle and motor case into one injection molded component. The fuel grain simply screws onto the injector bell prior to flight and the spent fuel grain is unscrewed and disposed of after each flight. No messy, time consuming clean-up operations are required. Typical motor turn around times between flights can be less than 5 minutes. The injector bell has field interchangeable injector orifices for varying thrust levels to tailor your motor needs of your rocket or launch field. A 75 mm diameter oxidizer tank has been added to the line-up making L motor fitting into standard motor mounts easier than ever.

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Part Number L Motor System and Components M.S.R.P.
HT-L1685-75-MS Hammerhead L 1685 cc 75mm Motor System (L2 bell) Call Dealer
HT-L2800-75-MS Earthquake L 2800 cc 75mm Motor System (L2 Bell) Call Dealer
HT-L2-IB New & Improved L Injector Bell Call Dealer
HT-1685-75-T 1685 cc 75mm diameter Oxidizer Tank Call Dealer
HT-2800-75-T 2800 cc 75mm diameter Oxidizer Tank Call Dealer
HT-L-MA L Motor Mount Kit Call Dealer
HT-JLKVO-MSC O-Ring 2-010 50pcs L Kline Valve Call Dealer
HT-JGLMTO-MSC O-Ring 2-210 50pcs L Tank (All) Call Dealer
HT-LGO-MSC O-Ring 2-214 50pcs L Grain Call Dealer
HT-L1685-75-VT 1685cc x 75mm Vent Tube Call Dealer
HT-L2800-75-VT 2800cc x 75mm Vent Tube Call Dealer
HT-L-FG Standard L Fuel Grains (each) Call Dealer
HT-LFX-FG HyEFX L Fuel Grains (each) discontinued (EOL)

~ I Series (Standard and HyEFX)
~ J Series (Standard and HyEFX)
~ M Series
~ Ground Support Equipment and Accessories

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